How Personal Trainers can improve your Health and Life

Going to the gym to workout can leave you feeling clueless. It takes someone with a good breadth of knowledge to know what each piece of equipment is used for in order to maximize on the gym’s offerings. 

So How Can a Personal Fitness Trainers Actually Improve your Health and Lifestyle?

1. Can Assist in Creating SMART Goals

Forget most of the advice you receive from books, friends and the internet. Personal trainers actually help you create an executable plan. With all the fitness advice floating around, it can be hard to tell what works and what doesn’t. A trainer will work with you create SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for a system of goal setting.

S – Specific (identifying specific weight loss or body composition goals) 

M – Measurable (creating a process for documenting and measuring progress) 

A – Actionable (every goal needs to be acted upon – these will include the exercises and diet) 

R – Reasonable (your trainer will help you determine reasonable fitness goals) 

T – Time bound (identifying benchmark dates to achieve goals)

2. Plan a Personalized Workout

“Despite the well-documented physical and psychological health benefits associated with regular physical activity, American adults remain strikingly sedentary. Current estimates suggest that 38% of adults report no physical activity in their leisure time. Consequently, the number of overweight people in the United States has increased in recent years, with 65% of adults being overweight. Furthermore, a recent study estimated that a lack of physical activity results in $24 billion annually, or 2.4% of U.S. health expenditures, and obesity is responsible for $70 billion in direct costs. Of those that do adopt an exercise program, it is estimated that 50% will discontinue it within the first 6 months. Thus, it is clear that exercise adherence is a primary health care issue.”

 These staggering numbers were gathered for a study that looked at the state of personal training in the United States. It’s incredibly important that everyone works out, but people aren’t. There are many reasons for that, and personal training isn’t the answer to all those issues. Personal training is great for people who are unfamiliar with the gym and need help with exercises and form. A personal trainer like those at Mecca Gym can create a personalized workout program for you and guide you through the steps.

3. Personal Trainers Can Protect You From Injury

Sure, every piece of equipment at the gym has step-by-step guidelines for usage posted right on them, but that doesn’t meant they are easy to understand. Some types of equipment don’t come with directions. Balls, free weights, resistance bands, and kettle bells need some initial instruction before you can use them properly. If your grip is incorrect, your hips are not positioned right, or if your feet are not in the correct with your shoulders, you could be risking injury. A personal trainer will help you ensure your positioning and movements are safe and correct. Your risk of injury will be decreased and you’ll get the maximum benefits from the exercise.

4. With a Personal Trainer, You Are Held Accountable

It’s easy to blow-off going to the gym for Netflix binge or an outing with friends. With a personal trainer, you agree to meet at a certain place and time. This obligation and agreement between you and the trainer encourages you to follow-through with your appointment. Some trainers, like those at Mecca Gym, will also be expecting you to document your progress and calorie intake. Journaling is another easily-ignored activity that a personal trainer will help you stay accountable for.

5. A Personal Trainer Offers a Variety of Workouts

One thing is certain: working out with a personal trainer is never boring. Every session is met with fun, challenging workouts that keep your mind and body active. There are no more long treadmill runs. Programs like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) make for varied workouts. Compound multi-joint movements are used to make your body work hard. Your body is challenged due to the steady increase in workload and introduction of more advanced exercises. Rest periods are are timed to insure proper adaptions occur.

6. Diet and Emotional Wellness Is Also Considered

Personal training is about more than exercise. Diet is extremely important to reaching fitness goals. Although it is not focused on at all gyms, Mecca’s trainers make sure all clients are following a dietary plan. Dietary plans are created and altered encourage digestive health. Meal planning tips and recipes are also supplied by our team in order to encourage you to cook more at home. 

Stress can also be an impediment to attaining fitness goals. Fitness trainers provide you with coping and relaxation skills so that you can get back to focusing on your fitness. 

 Are you ready to talk to one of our expert personal fitness trainers? Contact our team today to schedule an appointment to tour the gym.

Stay Healthy!


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